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For 17 years the Conference on Disarmament, the world’s principal multilateral disarmament negotiating body, has been blocked. Now a new United Nations forum has been established in Geneva to take forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations.

The UN Open Ended Working Group, open to all governments and to representatives of civil society, has started in a promising way – helping bridge the gaps between governments and find common approaches to make progress.

People from around the world have been sending videos and photos to encourage governments to make the OEWG a success. We showed the Open the Door Compilation Video in the UN, Geneva, during the OEWG meeting in August.

Missed the August deadline? Never mind! You can still take action to "Open the door to a nuclear weapons free world"

Make a simple video — or take photos — of yourself, your friends or family, your pet, your mayor or parliamentarian, or a celebrity... walking through a door, from this world (with nuclear weapons) to a nuclear weapons free world (represented by something that makes your life beautiful).

Send us your videos and photos by October 10, 2013 and we will add them to an updated compilation video that will be shown in New York during the session of the UN General Assembly First Committee that deals with nuclear disarmament, to demonstrate that people wish for a nuclear weapons free world.

Action Guide

"Open the Door" call for action aims to capture people around the world opening the door from our current world of nuclear weapons to a nuclear weapons free world – and then walking through the door. We aim for a huge variety of Open the Door video clips and photographs. Some will be funny, some serious, some inspiring, others thought-provoking. Be as creative as you wish.

  1. Choose a door – it could be a door at home, your office, your school/university, parliament, city hall, a tourist spot, place of worship (church/mosque/synagogue), public transport (bus, tram, train, ship, cable car), library or other doors in a public space. If you want to shoot the video at your event (for example on Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day, or International Youth Day), you can "create" a door in public space with an old door frame, or out of some of the people at the event.
  2. Decide on who will open and walk through the door: yourself, friends and family, your pet, an official (mayor, parliamentarian), passers-by, a celebrity…
  3. Decide on creative ways to depict the world of nuclear-weapons on this side of the door and the nuclear-free world on the other side. This could be pictures or objects or just the significance of the location itself.
  4. Decide on whether you want it to be silent, or with spoken word.
  5. Film/photograph - with your compact camera or a smartphone - the door being opened and walking/stepping/jumping/dancing/cartwheeling through the door.
  6. Post your video to You Tube or your photos to facebook or your website, including a link to the website, and send us the links to your posting. If you can't upload your video/photo on the internet, send us the files and we will post them for you.
  7. Share with your online contacts (facebook, twitter…) to encourage them to do an Open the Door action.

Download this guide in PDF

Submitted videos and photos

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